Brand and UX

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Branding must express the essence of a company. 


UX Objectives are critical to a company’s success.

They insure that a Brand remains relevant. 

  • Understand customers in context. (needs, desires, pain)

  • Intensify customer empathy and focus. (deliver products with soul)

  • Identify emerging trends in society and culture which may affect (or enable) future business.

  • Clarify, unify and sharpen the internal company vision…’the WHY’.

  • Elevate brand value perception and impact.

  • Drive brand consistency and ‘stickiness’.

  • Accelerate development speed, efficiency and effectiveness in projects.

  • Orchestrate overall design activities.

The SURIKATTA network combines prevention, deterrent, early warning,

verification and response into a 24/7 social safety network.

This system also provides seamless access to guard patrols, police and fire department

as well as a growing number of in home health and convenience services.

Many x-flows were made to explore and detail most of the main use cases and scenarios.

The app complexity unfolds as user needs require. –so as not to overwhelm a 'light' user. 

11 acquired companies make up the 8 departments of the Honeywell Safety Products Group. Sales to large customers

(mainly industrial/factories) required a level of synergy between business units

 A multi stakeholder workshop revealed the need to design a new way to assess customer needs and fulfill them quickly.

So, we created the Honeywell Safety Planner App.

In order to efficiently roll out the Safety Planner App within the Honeywell organization,

we made an annimated introduction video which explained the entire process

and all the benefits in a 90 second clip in 3 languages.

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Explore. Define. Create.