We design great experiences.

As a result of our collaboration with IBA, we helped to make Proton Therapy (cancer treatment) less stressful for patients, more efficient for clinicians and more cost effective for hospitals.


Infiniti UX is best at sketching out the big picture and quickly exposing insights for innovation.

This enables a more wholistic approach to out of the box problem solving across the entire customer journey. This alway leads to new opportunities to optomize experiences and delight customers.


The content and service offered by our clients is often more important than the physical artefacts needed to deliver them. We often design the interaction and behaviour of the entire product ecosystem including web, apps and even internal processes and new business models.


We specialise in the design of physical objects and spaces. Our expertise in aesthetics as well as with materials, finishes and production methods enables us to create strong emotional bonds between people and things. We love to create products and environments with character and soul.


"because the design team is deeply involved with several different divisions within the company and are working with Marketing, Sales and Product Development, they probably know our business and customers better than we do"